Product Categories
Culinary Atlantik-Lachs (Salmon)

Balanced diet with salmon, peas and delicate rosemary.

Culinary Land-Ente (Duck)

Grain-free dry food with tender duck even for sensitive cats.

Culinary Land-Geflügel (Poultry)

Nutrient-rich complete food with tender poultry, bilberries and dandelion.

Culinary Quellwasser-Forelle (Trout)

Substantial dry food with trout for a long and healthy life.

Culinary Voralpen-Rind (Beef)

Complete feed with beetroot and delicate sage. Supports dental care.

Culinary Weide-Lamm (Lamb)

Complete feed with lamb helps to reduce hairballs.

Meat in Sauce Culinary Atlantik-Lachs (Salmon)

Juicy salmon in delicious sauce supports the natural shine of the coat.

Meat in Sauce Culinary Land-Ente (Duck)

A real culinary delight is the wet food with tender duck and tasty sauce.

Meat in Sauce Culinary Land-Geflügel (Poultry)

Easily digestible poultry with a fine sauce for gourmets

Meat in Sauce Culinary Quellwasser-Forelle (Trout)

Particularly digestible trout with delicious sauce for a vital cat life.

Meat in Sauce Culinary Voralpen-Rind (Beef)

Optimal fluid supply with hearty beef in a delicious sauce.

Meat in Sauce Culinary Weide-Lamm (Lamb)

Easily digestible recipe with delicious lamb.